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The Darius Turner Foundation

About The Darius Turner Foundation


Our goals are to instill Life Lessons through sports

The mission of The Darius Turner Foundation is to provide an avenue for youth to learn and practice the mental and physical skills necessary to succeed in life. It is our belief that the same skill set that enables success in sports leads to success in life. We strongly believe that we can affect the path taken by at-risk youth by helping them understand the importance of goal setting, work ethic, personal responsibility, team work and respect.


OUR Programs Includes


We are focused on developing student athletes into leaders on and off the field. Student athletes at all skill levels will benefit from the vast experience, passion, and dedication of our team, most who were or some who are professional athletes, coaches or scouts. Students garner athletic skills to improve their technique, performance, and stamina. In addition, they will leave this camp with the life skills and the knowledge to make sound decisions to pursue their future endeavors.

Sports Life Skills

Discipline/Work Ethic
Goal Setting/Visioning
Humility and Respect
Practice, Persistence, and Listening

Class Room Education

Nutrition/Wellness Programs
Financial Literacy
SAT/ACT Testing and importance of preparing for it
Leadership Learning

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